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Heritage – A Trip into the Past

To understand the present, one must learn about yesteryear/

From the Palatinate to the New World

New-England-1630-kleinReasons to leave one’s home country were oftentimes manifold: hardship,
poverty, war, …but also the search for intellectual and political
freedom and the sheer love of adventure led many thousands of people to
incur the overwhelming hazards of emigration. Worldly goods had often to
be left behind, yet traditional values and customs were taken along in
the travellers’ hearts. Join us on a trip back to the roots of those who left their home Heidelberg,
the Palatinate and the Odenwald behind searching for new luck in the New World.

Let us begin in the romantic city of Heidelberg with its quaint old town and the world-famous
castle ruin – they all tell their own stories aside from common history.PALATINA_KARTE-klein
experience the enchantment of this region along the Rhine River that is
so rich in our common history.

“Where do I come from? Where are my roots? And what kind of way of life formed my ancestors?”

Let you be taken by the hand and listen to the stories about well-known emigrants and the accounts
of a contemporary-witness.
Back in the 21st century the trip into the past ends in a typical restaurant with regional cuisine and
a special “Emigrant Menu”.

Come back home. Recapture the sights, sounds and aromas of a past that
is present here in everyday life: vivid impressions that still today are
carried away in the traveller’s heart.

We look forward to welcoming you!

This is exclusively designed for groups as of 6 people!

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