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Student found dead in Heidelberg! | event & eventchen


Student found dead in Heidelberg!

Time travel to an unsolved murder case – a costume tour A beautiful city – today as it was 100 years ago… The tragic death of a young student around the turn of the last century is not only all over the current press but also keeps the interest of a Heidelberg resident who finds herself in another time era! Holy moly: a baroness is beyond than just confused when only yesterday Heidelberg looked completely different as it does now. Who has seen the poor decedent last? Where were his fellow students? Be taken with a highly professional guide on a peculiar tour of the romantic Old Town. Your sharp intellect and investigative skills will help to solve this crime from years back and expose the murderer…who is among the group… A maximum of 23 criminal investigators can participate in the tour of Heidelberg’s Old Town to unravel the felony. The price per Person  comes to Euro 24.80. (Minimum 6 Persons) After this thrill and excitement, we recommend relaxing with a glass of something “Enchanting” and a kiss (not given by the baroness!). For this, we charge an additional Euro 8,50 per person.

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