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A Different Kind of Shopping Spree…

A Different Kind of Shopping Spree through Heidelberg

A pedestrian street which stretches over one mile through the historic Old Town, romantic side streets and alleys all featuring exclusive shops, unique stores and fashionable boutiques most of them being run for generations by their owners – all of this is hard to find these days.

But in Heidelberg – the city in which one finds Germany’s oldest university, the capital of Romanticism, the seat of the count palatines of the Rhine region, the residence of the prince electors with the world famous castle – you can!
Take part in a different kind of shopping spree through Heidelberg and, while on your way, learn about the history of the city and the buildings the stores are located in!

Let the others just “shop” because from now on it will be exclusively for you: “shopping with charm, flair and style in Heidelberg”.

A maximum of 13 participants can “shop along” for 248,00 Euro altogether; any additional shoppers will be charged 19.00 Euro per person.
As a special treat, all participants will receive a little surprise and a 10% discount on their purchases in every store!

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