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Culinary Ramble through Heidelberg’s Old Town | event & eventchen


Culinary Ramble through Heidelberg’s Old Town

A series of gastronomic delights embedded in a stroll through the Old Town. Nothing is lacking – the stage-like setting, the superb choice of regional and supra-regional delicacies, inside glimpses into days of yore which were sometimes decidedly free-spirited… all in the company of a guide whose sole interest is to enchant you with Heidelberg’s past and present, while leading you along carefully chosen culinary pathways. Sip an aperitif in front of a romantic, breathtakingly beautiful backdrop, in which you are the star, stage-center. Savor the varieties of taste and textures in a regional three-course meal, the tenderness of a kiss that melts in your mouth in one moment of caloric bliss, and the intoxicating flights of fancy that fine alcoholic beverages inspire. While strolling, feasting, and enjoying, you will also be treated to tales of Heidelberg’s great and humbler historical figures: follow in the footsteps of Germany’s all-round genius Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, whose life-long attraction for the fairer sex was magnetic and proverbial…the infamous robber brigade “Hölzerlipps” and its tragic end in Heidelberg…the poets Victor von Scheffel and Gottfried Keller, who captured in words the ethereal spirit of their university days…the pianist and composer Robert Schumann, who came as a student decidedly not of music…and the diminutive Perkeo, whose escapades still endear him to all, whether or not they wish to follow in his dizzying footsteps… Each lost his heart in Heidelberg, yet took Heidelberg along with him forever. And so will you! Please allow three hours time for this adventure. The cost of € 85.00 per person includes: – aperitif – hors d’oeuvre, main course and dessert – plus two culinary surprises embedded in a guided tour through the Old Town. Beverages other than the aperitif are billed separately in the respective restaurants. Come to the appointed spot at the designated hour for the curtain going up! A minimum cast of 8 stars is required. We look forward to welcoming you.

Join us on the regular public Culinary Rumble on these days in 2017, saturdays:

18.03. 08.04. und 22.04. 06.05. und 20.05. 10.06. und 24.06. 15.07. und 22.07. 05.08. und 19.08. 09.09. und 23.09. 07.10. und 21.10. 04.11. und 18.11.

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