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Special Tours


Culinary Ramble through Heidelberg’s Old Town


A series of gastronomic delights embedded in a stroll through the Old Town. Nothing is lacking – the stage-like setting, the superb choice of regional and supra-regional delicacies, inside glimpses into days of yore which were sometimes decidedly free-spirited…
all in the company of a guide whose sole interest is to enchant you with Heidelberg’s past and present, while leading you along carefully chosen culinary pathways.

The Student Prince


It was a long way from the little town of Bad Säckingen to the lights of Broadway – and finally to Heidelberg!

In 1854 the poet Victor von Scheffel wrote glowingly of Heidelberg in “The Trumpeter von Säckingen”. In 1901 the play “Alt Heidelberg” by Wilhelm Meyer-Förster premiered in Berlin, and went on to become the stage hit of the century for German audiences. And 23 short years later, the mythical and lyrical charm of this meanwhile almost legendary city was sealed with the stamp of universal applause – to standing ovations on Broadway.

Once upon a time in Heidelberg…


In the footsteps of love

In 1613 a marriage between the rivers Rhine and the Thames was celebrated – the wedding of the Heidelberg Prince-Elector Friedrich V and the British King’s daughter Elizabeth Stuart. Despite the fact that it was an arranged marriage, it turned out to be the greatest love of the 17th century.

Student found dead in Heidelberg!


The tragic death of a young student around the turn of the last century is not only all over the current press but also keeps the interest of a Heidelberg resident who finds herself in another time era! Holy moly: a baroness is beyond than just confused when only yesterday Heidelberg looked completely different as it does now. Who has seen the poor decedent last? Where were his fellow students?

Special Tours


Whether you come to Heidelberg as a visitor or, as a Heidelberger, would like to see your city from a new and different angle – you have come to the right place!
Guided city-, castle-, theme- and event tours are our passion – as is Heidelberg.

A Different Kind of Shopping Spree…


A pedestrian street which stretches over one mile through the historic Old Town, romantic side streets and alleys all featuring exclusive shops, unique stores and fashionable boutiques most of them being run for generations by their owners – all of this is hard to find these days.

Mark Twain: When in doubt, tell the truth!

Mark Twain

There are dozens of stories about Germany’s most famous ruins – the Heidelberg Castle. But it took the sharp wit and incorruptible instinct of American author Mark Twain, who visitedHeidelberg in 1878, to find the truth behind all this folklore and historians’ quibbles.

Advent, advent …


A moment ago you were walking through the buzzing sounds and dazzling lights of Heidelberg’s Hauptstrasse in pre-christmas times, when all of a sudden the privy Christmas-council Mr. Droßelmeier peeked around a corner.

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