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About eventchen


Susanne Kahlig

Raised in Heidelberg and devoted to this lovely town, I pomise you an entertaining, interesting and witty stay in our City of Romanticism.

About eventchen

Based on guided city and castle tours, we offer our guests an individual Heidelberg sojourn – organised and accompanied, with skill and warmth, from the first to the last moment. The idea for “event & event..chen Heidelberg” – events great and small in Heidelberg – grew out of sheer love for the city and area and the people in it. The program offers a fresh perspective on virtually all the facets of Heidelberg’s now legendary mystique. At the heart of each event – whether on or off the beaten tracks, on a boatride, in a vineyard, with authentic costumes, in a gourmet restaurant or a historic student pub – is genuine affection for the city and our wish to communicate its charm to you. Book one of our special tours or events, or let us assist you in creating something new: Heidelberg exclusively for you, custom-designed to match your expectations and highlight your life. Heidelberg is beautiful – and we want you to want to come back! Sincerely, Susanne Kahlig …and all who help to create your unforgettable sojourn here

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