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Old Heidelberg, dear City, With honors crowned, and rare, O´er Rhine and Neckar rising, None can with thee compare.

Victor von Scheffel (1844-1846, Student in Heidelberg) Translation by the American Ambassador Dr. Jacob Gould Schurman

These famous lines, composed by Victor von Scheffel more than 150 years ago, and translated in 1936 by Ambassador Schurman, himself a former student in Heidelberg, are every bit as descriptive and meaningful for the Heidelberg of today.

Experience the flair of this unique city with “event & event..chen Heidelberg” (“events great and small in Heidelberg”) – in a special and individual way, with tours custom designed to make your dreams of Heidelberg come true.


bulbSimply hearing the name of this city – Heidelberg – relate most people all over the world with a longing for Romanticism as well as the view of the famous castle ruin high above the city at the Neckar river. Come here, gape and let yourself get captured by the charm of the city which has stunned everyone who let indulge themselves in it since centuries. Germany’s oldest university, established in 1386, shape the life and character of the city. Stroll through the Old Town, which was not destroyed in World War II, and its medieval streets and alleys which however feature baroque facades. Science, education and culture, found in the city’s everyday life, the hauntingly beautiful location of this city where the Neckar River enters the Rhine valley, clung to the hills of the Odenwald forest, all of this together creates a perfect Heidelberg sojourn.

And more…

plus The Bergstraße, the Odenwald forest and the Palatinate Region….they also have plenty to offer. Accompany us on a journey to Speyer, Ladenburg, Schwetzingen and the Palatinate Region along the German Wine Street. Would you like to explore Heidelberg and its surroundings? Would you like to enjoy an unforgettable stay with your friends, family or clients? A tour with a classic bus, a scenic flight á la James Bond over the highlights of the former seats of royal power or looking into the eyes of a see eagle…. You will receive a customized proposal according to your wishes! It is supposed to be fun, true to the motto:

Age is irrelevant, unless you’re a red wine….

From Heidelberg with Love!

Shortly you will find here fondly selected and original souvenirs of Heidelberg:
Books, “magic potions” for all purposes, sparkling seccos and fruit wines, umbrellas for sunny and rainy days and a Horst for your garden…Look forward to nice stuff and nice surprises!